2018 Janus Meet 6th & 7th January

On the National Licensed Meet List..... .Janus is the mythological Roman God of beginnings and transitions, thence also of gates, doors, and time. Ideally scheduled for getting qualification times at the best moment for the new competitive Calendar, especially for County Qualification.

This meet filled up very quickly in 2017. Ideal for the groups of swimmers who are hoping to improve times and need some well organised competitive experience to help them get a good boost to their competition season.

Janus 2018 

media/documents/Janus/Janus 2018 Volenteers.xlsx

Results - Saturday Session 1

Results - Saturday Session 2 

Results - Sunday Session 3 Revised 20-jan - 2018

Results Sunday Session 4

Accepted Entries listing



2016Session 1
2016Session 2
2016Session 3
2016Session 4

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