How to enter a Gala

The coaching staff decide which galas each squad should attend throughout the swimming season. As a gala approaches, the Competition Secretary produces an Entry Form for each swimmer on the Swim Manager website, showing the events in which they are eligible to compete.  You will be sent a link to Swim Manager once entries are open.  The squad coach may indicate which events swimmers should enter, or the decision may be left to the parent and swimmer. It is then the parent’s responsibility to complete the Gala Entry form indicating which events are to be entered.

Payment for the events must be made by the closing date. Entries without payment will not be processed.

The club hosting the gala has total discretion over which entries to accept. If the gala is oversubscribed, it may be necessary to reject some swimmers from some events. Refunds are provided for rejections and can be collected from the Membership Secretary on a Monday night at the Hydro. It is advisable to check the website of the host club in the week before the gala for any changes to the start times. 

Sometimes there will be a draft programme published and a rejection list will usually be shown, where applicable. If HDSC are advised of any rejected swims, these will be posted on the Club noticeboard at the Hydro.

Swimmers must be on poolside at a gala at least 15 minutes before the start of the warm-up. This enables the coaching staff to notify the host club of any withdrawals, which in turn allows the gala to run smoothly.


Types of Gala

Galas may be Long Course (in a 50m pool) or Short Course (25m pool) and at a variety of levels.

  • Club Championships - only members of the Club can compete and all are automatically entered. There are no entry forms to complete. These provide an ideal opportunity for swimmers to achieve qualifying times in different events, which can then be used to enter other galas
  • Graded meets (A,B,C) - these galas have an upper limit on entry times for each event which keeps the all swimmers at a similar level. The host club may also have a minimum entry time, so swimmers cannot enter an event if they do not have a valid time. At the gala, if a swimmer exceeds the upper limit (plus a margin), they receive a “Speeding Ticket” certificate rather than a medal. The gold medal is won by the fastest swimmer under the upper limit.
  • Open Meets - these galas have minimum entry times but no upper limit. Examples include Yorkshire, North East Regional (NER) and National championships.


HDSC needs parents to help at Club Championships and our home galas. Training is provided and you can often shadow a more experienced volunteer. Without your support we cannot run these galas.



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