Competitive Swimming Programme - CORE Values


The core values of the Competitive Swimming Programme are Commitment, Ownership, Responsibility and Excellence. These are a set of principles that help to guide the actions and behaviours of all our members and staff on a day to day basis. When followed, these principles increase the likelihood of fulfilment and success not only in swimming but also in general life. As such, the values are applicable at all levels of the programme from coaches to swimmers and parent/guardians.



In order to achieve personal and team goals, every coach, swimmer, parent or guardian is expected to be committed in each and every task they undertake. To be committed is to have a clear goal of what you want to achieve and have a personal investment in reaching that goal. A part of being committed is to know and accept what the current situation is, and the development steps that need to be taken.


Through giving 100% commitment to each task, everyone can achieve their personal goals and contribute towards team goals. Commitment is an essential part of creating a “can do” culture where individuals are able to maximise their potential.


Ownership and Responsibility

100% commitment is more likely to be attained when an individual takes ownership of what they are trying to achieve, only by taking ownership can individuals truly take responsibility for their actions. Honest, open and trusting relationships make it easier to take ownership and responsibility for actions.


The swimming development manager takes ownership and responsibility for the strategic direction of the Competitive Swimming Programme. The responsibility of the coaching team is to provide a challenging environment for swimmers, setting appropriate targets and giving the best technical advice. The swimming development manager and coaching team will act in an honest, professional and transparent manner, always putting the needs of the programme first.


Swimmers need to trust their coaches to provide the most appropriate training programme and to give honest advice in order to help them. By taking ownership for their behaviour both in the way they train and compete, swimmers have the opportunity to be able to be the best that they can be. Swimmers need to take ownership for their behaviour both in the way that they train and perform; this requires swimmers to take responsibility for the way they live their lives in order to give 100% commitment in training and racing. For example, swimmers demonstrate their commitment by arriving on time and not missing sessions, swimmers are also responsible for the physical condition in which they arrive at the pool in order to gain the best possible improvements from the session. This includes eating a healthy diet and having sufficient sleep to recover for the next session.


When swimmers and coaches understand and undertake the values of ownership and responsibility, then a friendly, safe environment is created in which all members can achieve personal success through higher levels of organisation and discipline.



Achieving personal excellence occurs by giving 100% to all tasks and continually challenging previous bests.  This process is built upon a well thought out commitment, acceptance of responsibilities, ownership of actions and the setting of high targets that are achievable. By incorporating these values into daily living, we can all continue to make our best even better.


CORE Values and Long Term Athlete Development

The Competitive Swimming Programme is committed to providing an athlete centred approach to all swimming provision. Training is based on the principles of the Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model and aims to ensure that swimmers have access to appropriate training provision in line with their stage of development and commitment to the CORE values.  As swimmers grow and mature they are expected to take on the CORE values and live them on a daily basis. While swimmers are young it is the role of parent/guardians to take on the CORE values on behalf of the swimmer and to work with the coaches to help swimmers develop those values as they mature.


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