1. ASA Membership


Every member of the Club has to be registered with Swim England/ ASA (Amateur Swimming Association). This means amongst other things that they are covered by the SE/ASA’s insurance in Club activities.

If a member competes in any gala – other than in the club – they have to be registered with SE/ASA as a competitive swimmer (CAT 2). This entails filling in a form and paying the relevant fee. Please ask your Membership Secretary (Charlotte Bunkle/Annette Weston) for the necessary form.


2. Swimming Equipment and Kit


For training, swimmers need costumes – endurance for training and non-endurance for racing (often bought a size smaller than normally worn) – 2 pairs of goggles, a hat (boys and girls), a kickboard, a pullbuoy, and hand paddles all of which are ideally kept in a net bag.

When competing, swimmers should wear a Harrogate hat, shorts, polo shirts and T shirts etc.


3. Nutrition


As you can imagine swimmers who are training hard need plenty of good, healthy food and advice on nutrition can be obtained from the Coaches. We also invite a nutritionist to talk to the swimmers and parents from time to time.

It is important that a swimmer has a healthy snack before training in the morning and then within 20 minutes of finishing a training session. Swimmers should always have a drink bottle with them during training – with water or squash as they prefer. During competition healthy snacks and drinks are essential. NO CRISPS OR SWEETS.


4. Entering Meets


When the appropriate gala comes along, the swimmers will be given the relevant information and an entry form which parents complete and return to the Competition secretary with a cheque for the relevant fee. Entry times are provided on gala entry forms so parents don't need to keep their own records. Only times which appear on British Rankings can be used for most galas.

On the day of the gala, ensure you arrive in plenty of time before the warm-up starts.


Swimmers will be expected to sit with the team during the competition. This ensures the coaching staff knows where they are and that they are part of the support process for everyone.



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