All HDSC roles are voluntary and most committee members have children swimming in the club either present or past. Postholders are entitled to be reimbursed for all neccessary expenditure incurred but are not paid for their time.

Many of the roles require significant time: almost all of the Committee have full time 'day jobs' as well as being available to members at reasonable hours.

The Club carries limited insurance for postholders while undertaking duties.

Some of us will be in and around the Hydro each week so if you have any questions we are happy to help.

Here's our committee



Position Vacant

Club Secretary & Meets Manager

Barry Saunders


Terry Wilkinson

Membership Officer

Jacqui Lewis

Press officer

David Porter

Fundraising Manager

Matt Lepine

Team Manager & Social Convenor

Clare Walligora


Website & Communications

Simon Hardaker

Welfare Officer

Claire Ball

Committee member

Jane Deighton

Committee Member

Adrianne Zenner

Committee Member

Penny Ward

Committee Member

Paul Holloway

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