Club Records are based on the swimmers age at the day of the swim and must have been achieved while representing Harrogate District Swimming Club at designated competitions.  These include club championships, all meets on the competition calendar and any additional meets that the Head Coach has agreed can be entered.

Only official times from licensed meets will be considered.  Times from team competitions e.g White Rose League and Arena League are not eligible.

Boys and Girls records are held from 9 years through to 16 years and Open records do not have any age restriction.

The coaching team are responsible for maintaining the club records 

HDSC Girls Short Course Records  - media/documents/Club Records/HDSC Girls SC Records - Nov17.docx

HDSC Boys Short Course Records  - media/documents/Club Records/HDSC Boys SC Records - Nov17.docx

HDSC Girls Long Course Records   -  media/documents/Club Records/HDSC Girls LC Records - Nov17.docx

HDSC Boys Long Course Records  -  media/documents/Club Records/HDSC Boys LC Records.docx

Open Records                                    - media/documents/Club Records/HDSC Open Records.docx


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